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Gresh 1 Casey Gresh November 25, 2008 Meredith Norris Engl101 Sect1421 How to Become Pregnant as a Teenager Fundamentally, teenage pregnancy refers to underage women becoming pregnant, typically out of wedlock. The condition usually carries a social stigma, and as a result, there has been research conducted in order to uncover the causes and possibly limit the outcome. The federal and state governments attempt to prevent the spread of teen pregnancy, and so, policy makers and officials support this movement. Data shows that children as products of teen pregnancy are more susceptible to lower educational levels and higher rates of poverty (Allen). Nonetheless, this condition is sweeping the nation like an epidemic. The saying “there must be something in the water” has reached a whole new dimension. While not all of these pregnancies are unplanned, eighty percent are, and even with the rates increasing, teenagers continue to have unprotected sex (Kirby). Why is this? Research demonstrates that a teen’s upbringing and environment along with the effects of the media and the quality of sexual education all play a role in this outbreak (Allen). The primary issue at hand is what causes this type of situation to occur and what steps can be taken in order to further prevent it. A child’s upbringing combined with the environment in which she is brought up in impact the future actions of that child and the decisions she makes, and so, ultimately whether or not she will become pregnant as a teenager. This process goes both ways. For example, if a child is raised a certain way and in a certain type of environment, it is more likely that she will become pregnant than if she would have been raised in a different way and in a different type of environment. The distinction, however, of what type of upbringing and what type of
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Gresh 2 environment increases the likelihood of teen pregnancy has recently broadened. Approximately three decades ago, “teen pregnancy was an issue only for lower-income girls who stood to gain welfare benefits… if they had a baby” (Redd). In the past, these teens would put themselves at risk by failing to use the proper means of protection or even purposefully engaging in the act of sexual intercourse unprotected, and then take advantage of the situation and reap the benefits
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FinalDraft3 - Gresh 1 Casey Gresh Meredith Norris Engl101...

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