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Casey Gresh November 13, 2008 Meredith Norris Engl101 Sect1421 Outline for Writing an Argumentative Reasearch Paper I. Introduction Teen pregnancy is sweeping the nation like an epidemic. The saying “there must be something in the water” has reached a whole new dimension. And not all of these pregnancies are unintended. Nonetheless, about eighty percent of these pregnancies are unplanned, yet teenagers continue to have unprotected sex and as a result become prematurely pregnant (USA Today). Why is this? Research shows that upbringing and environment along with the media and deficit sexual education all play a role. This information studies the psychology of the teens at risk, and as a result, those interested in this psychology should further study it. The issue here is what causes this to happen and how it can be prevented. How a teenager is raised and the environment in which she is brought up in influence the actions in which she partakes in and the decisions she makes, and as a result, ultimately whether or not she becomes pregnant out of wedlock. This goes both ways. For example, if a child is brought up in a certain way in a certain type of environment, it is more likely she will become pregnant than if she had been brought up in a different way in a different type of environment. The distinction, however, of
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RoughDraft3 - Casey Gresh Meredith Norris Engl101 Sect1421...

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