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Casey Gresh November 12, 2008 Stasis Summary and Proposal for Final Research Focus Teen pregnancy is sweeping the nation like an epidemic. The saying “there must be something in the water” has reached a whole new dimension. And not all of these teen pregnancies are unintended. Nonetheless, about eighty percent of these pregnancies are unplanned, yet teenagers continue to have unprotected sex and get themselves into this situation. Whether it be a decline in the abortion rate, an increase in the amount of teenagers becoming pregnant on purpose, or a deficit in the quality of sexual education, this issue is real and it is spreading. I believe that the judgment that society bestows upon certain teenagers may make them more susceptible to becoming pregnant, and the actions that these teenagers take once they find themselves in this situation. As a result, I believe that those who have interest in psychology and sociology would be a probable academic audience for this paper. Perhaps more research can be done in order to examine exactly
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