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The MDLC Handbook is basically a set of guidelines put together by the Maryland Disability Law Center. The MDLC operates in order to improve and advance the rights of individuals with disabilities as well as their parents or guardians in Maryland. The handbook discusses the services of IDEA and Section 504 in their protection of the educational rights of children with disabilities. It acknowledges that while schools have rules and regulations in how they must be run, they may at times “forget” about the special education laws. And so, this whole handbook was designed to inform individuals and their family members of what they deserve to be included in and what they need to receive a proper education. The Maryland Disability Law Center Handbook specifically defines the qualifications for
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Unformatted text preview: special education through the “Individualized Education Program” or IEP. The program is simply a plan that is specifically drawn up in order to convene the distinct educational needs of an individual person. The handbook addresses the program’s means for qualifying individuals and specifying their respective needs. It then defines that schools are required to provide each and every student with a “free and appropriate public education” in the “least restrictive environment.” The MDLC also points out means of disciplinary actions for children in special education. The final point it makes is that all records are guaranteed to be made accessible to the parents of each individual....
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