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Casey Gresh. EDSP 210. Journal #2. February 10, 2009 Response to Community Connections Module 2 This module seems to go over the basics of making accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Accommodations are simply adjustments that are made in order to set up different support systems for individuals who have disabilities. These individuals do not necessarily need additional support over their peers without disabilities; they just need different types of support. They may require more attention in certain areas but not in others. This module addresses the difference needed in support by using the example of a sports camp program that is struggling to include children who have disabilities in the program. The camp counselors appear ready to throw the towel in on these children, but I think they just need to be patient and add more activities that these children can participate in despite their respective disabilities. It should not be allowed for a camper to abuse a staff member, but I believe if the abuse was out of the
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