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This third module was about working with families. It identified appropriate and inappropriate communication methods and interaction styles. The module also emphasizes looking past differences and focusing upon strengths of children and adults with disabilities. In the video the educator says that not only should accommodations be made for individuals with disabilities, but that others should see past that and see the actual person. The first lesson offers two vignettes of two different children. The first is of a six-year old boy named Zachary who has Down Syndrome. The second is a “typical” six-year old boy named Peter. The two different boys are actually the same person. It suggests that he requires supervision, but most six-year olds do. So, he is slightly behind his “typical” peers, children move at all different paces, it is his strengths that should be focused on.
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Unformatted text preview: In order to properly assess the childs strengths, the counselor or educator must talk to the child and his family. This helps to plan activities accordingly and to include the child more successfully in the community. You must gather information about his talents, his likes and dislikes, his communication, his social and motor skills, his feeding, his toileting, his medication, his equipment, and his dependence. The second lesson addresses the importance of communication. It defines active listening as a very effective way of making sure you understand what is being said. The lesson also accentuates communication tips such as summarizing, paraphrasing, clarifying, silence, pragmatics, and neutrality. The third lesson identifies the importance of an educator building partnerships with families. It emphasizes mutual respect, trust, and open communication....
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