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Casey Gresh EDSP210 Module 1 Journal #5 This first module is about building an inclusive community. The background consists of a community arts program and its staff discussing whether or not to allow a child with ADHD to attend their program. Part of the program thinks that allowing the child to join should be no problem, just like any other kid, but the other part is afraid of the potential trouble the child may cause within the curriculum. Depending on the severity of the ADHD and the taking of medication, the child may act no different from any other child. And either way, all children would benefit from added participation in
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Unformatted text preview: the community program. The module identifies that people are often uncomfortable around people who have disabilities. However, they could benefit by learning more about a different culture and being more accepting of different types of people. Also certain disabilities are not even identifiable because the person who has it has learned how to live his or her daily life with it. Two key factors in interacting with people with disabilities are people first language and interaction. The best way to welcome all children into a community program is through creating a mission or policy statement....
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