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greek worksheet 2 - The Greeks considered those who did not...

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Worksheet: Classical Sculpture Who was the artist who wrote a Canon on human proportions illustrated by the statue known as Doryphoros or Spearbearer? Who made the original sculpture named Diskobolos and what was it made of? What is the Italian word for weight shift or counter balance illustrated by the Riace Warrior statue? Who was the director of the sculptural programs on the Parthenon? People sailed from miles away to see this nude statue of Aphrodite in Knidos. Who made it? A female figure used as an architectural support was known as a . Greek History What was the event and the date from which later Greeks calculated their chronology (beginning) and from then on, despite their rivalries and differences, all Greeks considered themselves citizens of Hellas. event: date: According to legend, the founder of the Olympic Games was
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Unformatted text preview: . The Greeks considered those who did not speak Greek as . The Classical period of Greek art is framed by two important events: the BCE defeat of the Persians and the death of ______________ in 323 BCE . The teacher of Alexander the Great was the influential philosopher . Why did the Greeks build temples? What function did they serve? Who was Pericles? Art History I Page 1 Name : Art History I AR107 Montgomery College Fall 2011 Compare and Contrast the Riace Warrior A with the Gallic Chieftain killing himself and his wife. Consider both the formal elements and the subject matter. The Greeks believed that “Man is the measure of all things.” How was that belief reflected in their art during the Classical Period? Art History I Page 2...
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greek worksheet 2 - The Greeks considered those who did not...

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