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Mesopotamia - the following questions a What did you see in...

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Assignment: Explore the Mesopotamia I Objective: Learn about the art of Mesopotamia Assignment: 1. Go to MyMc . Under MyCourses find the link to Art History. In Art History find the link to Links . 2. Go to the Mesopotamia site. http://www.mesopotamia.co.uk/ 3. Click on Sumer and visit both the Royal Tombs of Ur and the link on ziggurats. You can also play a game or two, or try to build a ziggurat. 4. Click on Assyria and explore the palaces. 5. Write a brief narrative, on a separate sheet of paper, about your experience answering
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Unformatted text preview: the following questions: a. What did you see in each area? b. What did you learn about Sumerian art? c. What did you learn about Assyrian art? d. How is Sumerian art different from Assyrian art? e. How is it similar? f. What did you learn about archaeology? g. What is your overall impression of the websites? 6. Turn in your paper next class. Art History I AR107 Art Department Montgomery College...
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