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Counter Essay Assignment Find an argument and write a counter argument. The assignment is not to respond to the argument you find, though you may include some response if you think it is necessary. The assignment however, is to write your own argument from a position that is opposite to the argument you have read. In order to do this successfully you must first offer a justification [reason(s)] why the argument you are countering is not a good argument. Secondly you should use an opposite [Antonym] of the most key term in the claim to construct your own claim. Develop three minor claims and find evidence to support it. Use citations and be sure to find valid sources. Please be sure all the elements of an essay are present.
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Unformatted text preview: 750 words. Draft Due October 26, 2011. Final due October 31. [Happy Halloween!]Please include a title page. An example would be: If the argument you found said, “smoking is good for you”. 1. First you would need to explain [with support] why smoking is NOT good for you. 2. Second you would have to develop your own argument why smoking is BAD for you, or perhaps you could explain why NOT smoking is good for you. 3. Create 3 points to support your argument and organize the essay so that you argument is the main focus [though you must include step one in you essay]....
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