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English 102: Techniques of Reading and Writing II (3 Credits) Syllabus – Fall 2011 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:00-1:50am Welcome to English 102! Course Description: This course is help students become more capable college-level readers, writers, and thinkers. In this course they will learn to analyze and practice a variety of techniques and styles of writing; to use the ideas of others honestly and effectively; to respect format requirements; to acknowledge the importance of audience and context; and to become more aware of the powers of language. Through practice in argumentation and research, students should come to understand more fully the rich, complex relationships among reading, writing and critical thinking. Prerequisite: EN 101, EN 101A or placement. Required Texts: Rottenberg, Annette. Elements of Argument: A Text and Reader 9 th ed. The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary , 3 rd edition. New York, New York: Penguin Putnam, Inc. 1995. OR ANOTHER COLLEGE DICTIONARY. Required Materials: 3.5 inch floppy disk or a USB Drive Loose-leaf paper or notebook Instructor: Damion Quaye Office: GB 128 Office Hours: MWF 2:00pm-3:00pm Telephone: 301-661-5258 TEXT: 1-410-497- 6021 E-Mail: Damion.Quaye@montgomerycollege.edu
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Folder for papers – see MC Bookstore Highlighters (at least two colors) Pre-Course Expectations: Students should possess the following basic skills before beginning this course: 1.) Students should have the ability to read and comprehend the required textbooks for this course. 2.) Students should have the ability to write complete sentences. 3.) Students should have the ability to write an understandable essay of at least 500 words that is largely grammatically correct. Course Objectives: During this course, students will work on the following elements of the writing process: 1.) Thinking First – Students will think critically about the purpose and plan for their writings and consider how best to approach a writing assignment. They will identify and analyze the audience for their work. They will determine what information needs to be gathered. They will consider possible sources for their information. They will identify and select an appropriate format (e.g., essay, research paper, position paper, report, letter, review) for their work. They will plan the necessary steps for their writing and schedule time accordingly. 2.) Gathering Second – Students will organize relevant information from their own memory, using strategies like brainstorming, listing, mapping, and free writing. They will observe people, activities, and other material to identify potential sources of information. They will look for elements that support a theme or thesis. They will interact with others and keep accurate records of conversations. They should use the library to find appropriate material. They will practice recognizing key ideas and discerning relevant supporting material. They will be challenged to evaluate the validity of materials by
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fallen102syll - English 102: Techniques of Reading and...

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