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108lastjsum11 - Specifically what made them so effective...

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Speech 108 – Last Journal ! Due Date: No later than August 14 th (by hand delivery, email, carrier pigeon – whatever you want) Answer the following questions in short paragraphs. Skip lines, of course, and no pencil, please. 1. Watch the video of yourself doing the persuasive speech. How have you improved? What are the weaknesses you will need to continue working on in public speaking? 2. Who were the three most effective persuasive speakers in your class, in your opinion?
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Unformatted text preview: Specifically, what made them so effective? Give two reasons for each person. 3. Assess yourself as a communicator (NOT just a public speaker – all areas). What are your main strengths and weaknesses? 4. Specifically explain three things you will do to continue improving your communication skills after this course ends. Be sure to explain how you expect each thing to be helpful. Thanks for a great 5 weeks! Have a wonderful summer!...
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