108sum11 - Speech 108 CRN 10146 Session Summer II 2011...

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Speech 108: CRN 10146 Session: Summer II, 2011 Professor: Page Whittenburg Office: HS106 (just outside the library) Office Hours: W R 11:45 – 12:30; by app’t. Office Phone: : 240-567-7750 E-mail: [email protected] (office); [email protected] (home) Required Materials Textbook: Human Communication: Fourth Edition , by Judy C. Pearson, Paul E. Nelson, Scott Titsworth, and Lynn Harter. ISBN:978-0-07-34068-0. Available in the campus bookstore (basement of the Humanities building, outside the cafeteria). Course Objectives This course will introduce you to the observations of reputable communication scholars and attempt to explain how their research can be applied to communication situations found in everyday life. Upon conclusion of the course, you should have an enhanced understanding of the following and be able to apply that understanding to real-life communication situations. the Communication Process the role of Perception in communication the Symbolic nature of both verbal and nonverbal communication the role of Listening in communication strategies for better Listening the importance of Critical Thinking in communication situations strategies for being a better Critical Listener and Communication Consumer the influence of Culture and Gender on communication the importance of Ethics in making communication choices the functions of Interpersonal communication
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strategies for better Interpersonal Communication the dynamics of Small Group Interaction strategies for composing and functioning well in Small Groups the prevention and management of Conflict in communication situations the development and delivery of a Formal Speech Presentation the nature and functions of Mass Media, especially as they relate to current events Coursework and Other Requirements 1. Coursework : reading assignments journals and quizzes ( take-home) formal and informal speech presentations (3 formal presentations as well as informal presentations throughout the course) group activities in class Standards for coursework: All assignments must be completed on time Correct spelling and grammar are expected
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108sum11 - Speech 108 CRN 10146 Session Summer II 2011...

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