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key to trial questions - Linking real-life events to...

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Linking real-life events to communication concepts…. 1. An African-American man is on trial for shooting two police officers. He used to be a well- known Black Panther activist but converted to Islam and has been running a community mosque for the last 24 years. He has a long, thin, face, a light complexion, and a tendency to wear long robes and veil-type head coverings. (who does this remind you of?) His trial is scheduled to start on September 12 th , 2001. His lawyer seeks a continuance (a delay in the start of the trial). Which perceptual phenomena is his lawyer concerned about? Similarity (looks like Bin Laden and is Muslim) Proximity – near in time to 9/11 2. When lawyers on both sides of a trial worry that their witnesses or clients will be judged on one act or on media coverage rather than the question before the court (for example, juries thinking that if a man had an affair around the time of the killing, he must have killed his wife, that a young mother who lied to police and partied must have killed her child, or that a jailhouse informant should be discounted because of his or her history), which perceptual phenomena or errors are the lawyers worried about? Stereotyping (all young women who go to bars are bad; all people who are arrested must be guilty) Perceptual constancy (lying about some things means the person must have lied about everything) Similarity (in a more general sense – similarity to other cases or people) Proximity – actions near the time of the crime (such as an affair around the
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key to trial questions - Linking real-life events to...

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