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Unformatted text preview: f65047283187fde501df35ce7a6ed531e7f59f57.xlsx, Page 1 of 10 Page(s), 11/04/201105:06:24 Instructions for the Microsoft Excel Templates by Rex A Schildhouse Extensive detail and information is contained within the help function of Microsoft Excel and in the provided text. Each template is set to print with File Name, Page # of # Page(s), the print date, and the print time to assist in assembly of multiple pages. If more than one page is required by the template, manual page breaks have been set to provide consistent presentation. And information or data which may be required by the solution will be entered in cells with borders to help identify them. Be advised, the template workbooks and worksheets are not protected. Overtyping any data may remove it. You should enter your name, date, instructor's name, and course into the cells at the top of the page. This information will be printed on the top of each page if the template requires more than one page. All of the cells have been correctly formatted for presentation and should not require any adjustment. For example, if the text requires one, two, or three significant digits in a presentation, the template has been set for that presentation in the appropriate cells. In general, the yellow highlighted cells are the cells which work and effort should be presented. These entries may include date(s), account title(s), values, memorandum appropriate to the entry, or text answers to questions. Where a yellow highlighted cell shows "Date" enter the appropriate date for that step of the challenge. This may be any date format that Microsoft Excel accepts. Some of these formats include "1/1/12", "01/01/12", and "01/01/2012." All of these will return January 01, 2010, in the format set in the template. Where a yellow highlighted cell shows "Acct Nbr" enter the appropriate account number, provided in the template and in the text for that step of the challenge. This is entry may be a "Look to" formula to another cell where that information has been provided or previously entered. Where a yellow highlighted cell shows "Account Title" enter the appropriate account title for that step of the challenge. This is a text entry and most of those cells are set for the proper indentation for that step. Frequently the chart of accounts appropriate to the challenge is provided and you can use the "look to" formula to reference the appropriate account title without typing it. Check with your instructor to see if abbreviated account titles are acceptable. For example "A/R" for Accounts Receivable, "A/P" for Accounts Payable. If your instructor is using a comparison process between workbooks for grading, these abbreviates may not be acceptable....
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