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ayunisa-wordproject - Ayunisa 6 Content Essay about myself...

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Ayunisa 6 Content Essay about myself ...................... P.2-4 What is family? ............................ P.4-5 Poem about family ...................... P.6 I. Essay about myself Who am I? “Who am I? Can somebody tell me who am I? I look up in the mirror, look at the reflection of myself, and wonder who I really am. This is a question that I should ask myself every day. It is a question that helps me to evaluate my life, and what it means to me. I am just a typical teenager about to begin a life in the 21st century. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I grew up in a normal sized house with a mother, father, and two siblings; one younger sister and one youngest brother. However, who I really am? What have I contributed to this lovely earth? I go back to my previous question and realize that nobody can answer that question because, of course, nobody knows me better than myself. Everyone knows that people can change, and I have been changing too. I used to be a talkative person until my father announced that I had to move to the United States. Since that day, I have been changing a lot. CA 120
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Ayunisa Two years ago when I was in my home country, Indonesia, I used to be a passionate and talkative person. I always wanted to get know more people to enhance my communication skill. Every time I saw someone, I tried to start the conversation. I began the conversation by saying the standard greeting, like “hi, how are you?”. I did this because I knew that one of the most important communication skills is speaking. To be a good speaker I must be able to convey ideas clearly and briefly. I must also have a clear and pleasant tone to my voice. Similarly, other than being a good speaker, I also realized that I should be a good listener too. Being a good listener is also one of the most useful communication skills to connect people together. I believed that a good listener is someone who can concentrate and not lose focus on a subject.
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