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FCTBicyclingAdv - historical and educational information...

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Bicycling Adventures A bicycle is the perfect form of transportation for a travel adventure. Sign up for one of our bicycle tours and travel at your own pace, interact with village residents, stay healthy and fit, and know that your adventure has a minimal effect on the environment. We offer bicycle tours ranging from a leisurely trip through the Loire Valley of France to a mountain-bike expedition in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Our Zenith Adventures bicycle guides provide you with
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Unformatted text preview: historical and educational information about the region in which you are traveling. They also take care of luggage and transportation needs and maintain your bicycle. We are confident that we can provide the bicycle adventure of a lifetime! Zenith Adventures Length Price Loire Valley Tour 7 days $1,999 Tuscan Village Tour 8 days $2,499 Atlas Trek Extreme 9 days $2,899 Great Wall of China 14 days $3,299...
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