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ES2-WBQuoteToMP - Seafood hors d'oeuvres Hot entrée Deli...

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The Waterfront Bistro 3104 Rivermist Drive Buffalo, NY 14280 716 555 3166 Quotation TO: Marquee Productions DATE: 5-Nov-10 955 South Alameda Street Los Angeles, CA 90037 ATT: Camille Matsui RE: Remote Location Filming July 11 to August 31 Note: All prices include tax. Item No. of Persons Price per Person No. of Days Total Buffet Lunch 56 8.34 52  $24,286.08  Soup and salad Vegetable tray with dip
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Unformatted text preview: Seafood hors d'oeuvres Hot entrée Deli tray and rolls Dessert Beverages 56 3.91 52 $11,385.92 Coffee and tea Assorted juice Mineral water Snacks 56 3.91 52 $11,385.92 Muffins Donuts Fruit tray Vegetable tray with dip Transport 33.00 52 $1,716.00 Total $48,773.92 Terms: Due upon receipt of invoice payable in U.S. funds...
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  • Fall '11
  • Cooperrman
  • Snack foods, South Alameda Street, Marquee Productions, Vegetable tray, Camille Matsui, Rivermist Drive Buffalo

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