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Lab #7 Checklist Completed Description Instructions Displayed Board Displayed DIP Switches Select Start Level Game will NOT start when level 0 is selected as the initial level Tetrads can be moved right Tetrads can be moved left Tetrads can NOT be moved beyond border Tetrad can be dropped quickly Tetrad Shapes are Random All Seven Tetrad Shapes Implemented Note that the lab writeup shows 8, but one (****) is replicated twice, the second time is a 90 ° rotation. Tetrads can be rotated Tetrads rotation prevented due to lack of free surrounding space
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Unformatted text preview: Tetrads settle properly at the bottom of the board One tetrad drops at a time Rows are properly cleared (deleted) Rows above deleted row(s) drop down Fluid movement of objects Speed increases with each level Score updates properly Lines cleared score updates properly 7-Segment display shows current level Game ends when dropped tetrad touches top of board Appropriate baud rate used LEDs display initial level Push button resets and restarts game Program loops, allowing the user to play again when the game is done...
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