25__finallecSp2008 - The Swan Song Lecture 25 Concluding...

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1/9/2008 1 The Swan Song Lecture 25: Concluding Comments on Geography 1000 Greg Veeck Spring 2008 In the lectures, I have tried to establish some basic points of departure…. # 1) Humans are a part of “nature”. To pretend otherwise is foolish. The societies we have constructed will ALWAYS have effects on the ecosystems we exist within BUT in turn our environments effect us just as much.
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1/9/2008 2 # 2) The basic needs of 6.33 BILLION people for food and fiber must be met--but the way we meet these needs is culture-specific. Some solutions we embrace , and some will be rejected--not just on economic grounds, but based on political, cultural, and environmental conditions # 3) There are many indicators that our current approach-- initiated by the Industrial Revolution--is NOT sustainable over time…. We seek solutions because we must--or we will drown in our own waste # 4) Environmental Problems are “scale specific” • Local, regional, and global environmental problems are different, and problems at one scale are not always apparent at other scales. • Different environmental problems at different scales
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25__finallecSp2008 - The Swan Song Lecture 25 Concluding...

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