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Unformatted text preview: Day 1 Day EAS230 Personal Info Personal Michael Buckley [email protected] 867-5733 for technical problems grading issues thru email Bell 137 - 645-4729 Often in the lab, Baldy 19, 6451145 Office Hrs - MW 10 -11, 12 - 2 or Office as needed as Advice Advice Use the Web Site: www.cse.buffalo.edu/~mikeb You must pass both Lab/Project You average and Exam average average Don’t stress out If you’re having a problem... struggle ’re for 1 hr. then call me, even on my cell cell Do the labs Come to class Academic Integrity Academic Let’s make this easy: “All submitted work must be your All own” own” If you solicit programming help If on the Internet, someone will email me. email Won’’t need it for a Won t week week http://www.amazon.com/Primer-Plus-5th-Stephen-Prata/dp/ Starting Out Starting No labs this week JGrasp, Java JDK, and gnu gcc JGrasp, (instructions to follow) (instructions Lab Due Dates Lab Use UB Learns for submission Posted on Sunday, due date Posted will be specified will "Programs" are "Files" "Programs" Dear John, I think we should just be friends… welcome.doc int main() { std::cout<< "hello" << std::endl; std::cin.get(); } welcome.cpp The decimal problem: The If 90 is an A ------ boundary 89.9 : no rounding, equals a B 86, 87, 88 are also B’s Know what your grades are Know what you need to pass ...
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