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CSE 380 String Processing Example Memory Map strng = 0xA0B4 char_cnt = 0xA0C0 Notice need for alignment Pad byte at 0xA0BF String: “Password: “ Task Write a subroutine which returns the number of occurrences of the letter ‘s’ Code strng = "Password: ",0 ; NULL terminated string char_cnt STMFD SP!, {r1-r4, lr} ; Spill Registers MOV r4, #0 LDR r2, =strng LOOP LDRB r3, [r2] ADD r2, r2, #1 CMP r3, #0x73 ; Character to be counted BNE NEXT ADD r4, r4, #1 ; Char found-increment count NEXT CMP r3, #0 ; Null termination BNE LOOP MOV r0, r4
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Unformatted text preview: LDMFD SP!, {r1-r4, lr} ; Restore Registers MOV pc, lr References ARM Developer Suite Version 1.0 Getting Started , ARM Limited, 1999 Steve Furber, ARM System-on-chip Architecture , 2 nd Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2000 David Seal, editor, ARM Architecture Reference Manual , 2 nd Edition, Addison-Wesley, 1996-2000 Address 0x0A0BA 0x0A0B4 0x0A0BC 0x0A0B6 0x0A0BE 0x0A0B8 0x0A0C0 0x0A0C2 Contents 0x5061 0x7373 0x776F 0x7264 0x3A20 0x0000 0x1E40 0x2DE9...
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