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subroutines - CSE 379 Subroutines Subroutines Why use...

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CSE 379 Subroutines Subroutines Why use subroutines? Readability Simplifies Design Simplifies Testing Modularity Ease of Modification Code Reuse Terminology Subroutine Routine called by higher level routine Function Subroutine which returns a value Procedure Subroutine which carries out operation on data passed to routine Calling a Subroutine Branch with Link (BL) Syntax BL label PC = label Range: ± 4 MB lr (r14) = Address of instruction after BL Example BL strcpy Task Transfer control to the label identified by BL The address of the instruction following the branch and link is loaded into the link register (lr) Note lr is the same as r14 Returning from a Subroutine Copy the value from the link register into the program counter Example: MOV pc, lr
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Example .. BL evaluate ; Branch .. .. evaluate .. ; Beginning of Routine .. MOV pc, lr ; Return Branch vs. Branch with Link What is the difference between B cc and BL (where cc = condition code)?
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