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CSE 379 Example One’s Counting Task The following example counts the number of one’s in the 32-bit register r0 The number of one’s is stored in r2 Before returning, the subroutine copies the number of one’s into r0 Program ones_count mov r3, #0 ; Counts the number of bits we've checked mov r2, #0 ; Holds the number of one's check and r1, r0, #1 ; Isolates least significant bit for ; checking cmp r1, #1
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Unformatted text preview: ; Check for one bne shift add r2, r2, #1 ; Increment one's count shift mov r0, r0, lsr #1 ; Shift to check for next bit ; position add r3, r3, #1 ; Increment count to determine the ; number of bits we've checked cmp r3, #32 ; Done? Checked 32 bits already? blt check ; Check next bit if we're not done mov r0, r2 ; Store result (number of one's) ; in return value register mov pc,lr ; Return...
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