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lab-06 - CSE 380 Lab#6 Spring 2009 Objective In this lab...

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CSE 380 Lab #6 Spring 2009 Objective In this lab, you will learn how to use the 32-bit timer on the ARM board. In addition, parallel I/O will be used as you have done in the past few labs. Description Write an ARM assembly language program which counts up, and displays the elapsed time on the 7- segment display and LEDs. The timer is started by pushing the momentary push button. At any point, the timer can be paused by pressing the momentary interrupt button. Pushing the momentary push button again will restart the timer. When displaying the time, the 7-segment display will display the one’s digit. After 10 seconds, one LED should be illuminated. After 20 seconds, two LEDs should be illuminated. Three LEDs should be illuminated after 30 seconds, and four after 40 seconds. After 49 seconds, the LED and seven segment display should be turned off and the program should end. HyperTerminal won’t be used in this program. The Target You will be running your code on the ARM processor, as you did labs #3, #4, and #5.
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