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Instructions for the preparation of lab reports 1 . Make sure that for each report you include a title page available from the UBLearns lab website. This form has the following information: - Experiment title and date - Your name and your lab partner’s names - Your TA’s name - Credit distribution 2. Use sections VI (for the report) and VIII (questions) as your primary guide for preparing your lab report. During the lab session your TA will instruct you which questions from section VII to answer and may give you additional questions. On some occasions, an entirely new section VI may be written and posted to UBLearns. Please note that information in the TA introduction .pdf and in the revised section VI .pdf (if one is posted on UBLearns) will supersede information in the lab manual. 3. In your report label clearly the various parts: e.g. VI-2, VIII-3, etc. this ensures that the TA can find the work to grade it. 4. In each section of the lab report be concise and show clearly your work. Failure to show work will likely result in lost credit.
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