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Team Building CS4/542 Hopes and Fears: Purpose: To identify initial apprehension about this course and the idea of using teams as a major component of the course. Think about the course. Take out a piece of paper. On one-half of the sheet of paper, make a list of your "hopes" for the course: what you hope to learn and/or what you hope to achieved. The focus is optimistic, and participants should respond as if considering the ideal circumstances.
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Unformatted text preview: On the second half of the sheet you are asked to write down your "fears": concerns, apprehensions, misgivings, etc., about the anticipated group/class sessions. After a few minutes, we will create a class list of hopes and fears. Each person will take a turn, introduce yourself, and cite one hope and fear. The next person can either repeat or offer an additional item from their list....
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