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TRUST Team Building CSE 4/542 Trust is a powerful and essential educational tool; it is the key to personal involvement. Learning involves risk. People are at risk when they learn. This risk may be physical, social, emotional, or intellectual in nature. Learning involves personal growth. Clarence Darrow once said: "Unless a fellow moves ahead, he's left behind." Software Engineering frequently utilizes the concept of working together. Teams can accomplish more than individuals can working alone. "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts." For teams to work, each team needs to nurture the personal confidence of each team member. The establishment of trust among team members is essential. Trust means that: "I don't have to "do" everything; if I try something and fail my peers will be supportive of my efforts; I will not be laughed at or made to
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Unformatted text preview: appear foolish; my ideas and comments will be considered without ridicule." An individual will seldom take a physical or emotional chance if they perceive callousness and unreasonable risk as part of that risk-taking. A group surrounded with positive experiences and successes will experience trust growing quickly along with personal confidence. Trust, within the framework of a team is gained with patience, thoughtfulness and care over a period of time, and can be damaged or lost in a second by carelessness or inconsiderate behavior. Cultivate and protect the trust that an individual offers and shares. Some of the paragraphs above were abstracted or adapted from: Silver Bullets by Karl Rohnke...
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