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Unformatted text preview: Day 1 Day CSE 442/542 Michael Buckley [email protected] www.cse.buffalo.edu/~mikeb Personal contact is far better than Personal email email Bell 137 - 645-4729 Office Hrs – MW 10-11 & 12-2 in Bell Office 137 or sometimes Baldy 19 137 Objectives Work on Teams Criticize Bad Design / Recognize Good Understand the Complexity of Building Systems Chart a Logical Path Through the Complexity / IN PRACTICE Appreciate Simple Elegance Connect Left and Right Brains Apply CRITICAL THINKING skills books books useful but NOT required required Topics Topics Software Errors Design Design Methodologies & Lifecycle Models Lifecycle SADCITM Customers Users Requirements Documentation Coding People and People Personality Personality Case Histories SW Project SW Management Management Project Planning Scheduling Estimation Legal Issues Ethics Risk Metrics Human Factors Configuration and Configuration Version Control Version The Class Team-based Project The Real customers and users - Will Real involve meeting off-line with domain experts (domain is the deployment environment) environment) 5 phases - requirements & design, phases planning, coding – via team website via Teams of 6-8 people / Collaborative Teams among teams, the customers, users, with two grant working groups, and with CSE453. with Descriptions will be on the web site Descriptions very soon - they will change a bit. In fact, they are intentionally vague. fact, Our Clients & Customers Our UB Talker UB DISCO DISCO Advice Advice Use the Web Site: www.cse.buffalo.edu/~mikeb and follow the link and There will be much more work than There 1 or 2 people can do or Don’t stress out Work as a Team, split up the work Come to class Teams Teams Team members can be fired Team members can receive reduced Team credit credit Not everyone is a coder You will need a secretary A natural leader will emerge, go with natural that that COMPROMISE Starting Out – review the web site Starting Read the Problem Statements, pick Read a few of your favorites few Your team will need a web site – Your start preparing start No recitations until we begin the No projects projects Read the Essay on Objects and Read Modeling (on the web site) Modeling 1st Lecture - SW Implementation 1st Steps Steps PRELIMINARY Requirements List PRELIMINARY (Phase 1) for the Team Project (Phase Peer reviews Peer Peer evaluations have a direct Peer effect on grades: every negative evaluation costs a single point out of 10, unless the negative evaluation is from a student who has more negative evaluations than you. If ALL team members grade a student negatively, no credit is given in the peer evaluation category. Weekly Schedule Weekly Monday - lecture Wednesday - lecture Friday - no lecture Friday meet meet with your team at a convenient time in Baldy 19 convenient I or the TAs will attend You will get card access Class Times Class At t e nda nc e i s e x pe c t e d a nd wi l l a f f e c t your g r a de M W d l e c t ur e s on e Fr i t e am m e t i ng e 5 % e xt r a c r e di t Cl a s s be gi ns pr om l y. pt The i s a c or r e l a t i on b e t we e n a t t e nda nc e a nd g r a de s . At t e nda nc e - t a ki ng wi l l b e r a ndom . Subm ssi on of i Pr oj ect s and Exam s Sor r y, but no l at e s ubm s s i ons wi l l i b e ac c e pt e d. Ext r a t i m i s e b ui l t - i n. A vs. B On e xam and pr oj e c t s : s “ Jus t c or r e c t ” ans we r s s c or e a C; B i f c r i t i c al t hi nki ng i s a ppl i e d… A’ s m t be e ar ne d wi t h us “ s ubs t ant i al l e v e l of u nde r s t andi ng” and “ appl i c at i on t o r e al l i f e ”( i . e . e xam e s ) . pl Cr i t i cal Thi nki ng The r e a r e t wo s i de s t o e a c h s i de of a n a r gum nt . e W n pr om i ng a po i nt he ot o f vi e w, you m t us a ddr e s s 4: t he pr os a nd c ons of your c hoi c e , t he pr os a nd c ons of a n a l t e r na t e v i e w. Poi nt s a r e de duc t e d ...
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