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Chemistry Study Strategies Inventory 1 The inventory listed below outlines behaviors that you should exhibit in order to excel in chemistry. Write true or false beside each of the following statements describing the way you study. The scoring scale is given at the end of the survey. 1. I always read the lecture material before I go to lecture. 2. I go over my lecture notes as soon as possible after lecture to rework them and mark problem areas. 3. I try to work the homework problems without looking at the example problems or my notes from class. 4. I go to office hours or tutoring regularly to discuss problems on the homework. 5. I rework all of the homework problems before the test or quiz. 6. I spend some time studying chemistry at least five days per week (outside of class time). 7. I make mnemonics for myself to help me remember facts and equations. 8. I use 3” x 5” cards to separate out material I don’t know for more direct study. 9.
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