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Key 1.8 JDL (1) - number which states that there are 6 x 10...

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Key for Micro Exam 1 Question 8 JDL edit Question 8: (Try this problem without a calculator.) The energy of an infrared photon is 1 x 10 -20 J. This energy could just as well be expressed as the amount of energy per mol of these photons, thus: Answers: (a) 1 kJ/mol (b) 0.001 J mol -1 (c) 1 J/mol (d) 6 kJ mol -1 (e) 6 J/mol This problem requires a conversion from J to J/mol or kJ/mol (J mol -1 is the same as J/mol). Let’s convert the given value to each of these possible units among the answers and match it with the correct answer. First, we need to convert J to J/mol. To do this we need to use Avogadro’s
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Unformatted text preview: number which states that there are 6 x 10 23 items in a mole. Here we use the number to state that there are 6 x 10 23 photons in 1 mole of photons. This gives us 6 x 10 3 J/mol which is not one of the answer choices. If we convert J to kJ, we get 6 kJ/mol which is answer (d), the correct answer. 1 x 10-20 J | 6 x 10 23 photons = 6 x 10 3 J/mol = 6 x 10 3 J | 1 kJ = 6 kJ/mol or 6 kJ mol-1 1 photon | 1 mol photons 1 mol | 1000 J...
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