2.10 - having the highest, Mg the next highest, and so on....

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Key for Micro Exam 2 Question 10 Question 10: Choose the alkaline earth metal with the largest first ionization energy: Answers: (a) sodium (b) calcium (c) argon (d) iron (e) chlorine (f) magnesium (g) Rb (h) Hg (i) Gd First of all, you need to remember that the alkaline earth metals are those elements in the second column of the periodic table (Be to Ra). The chart below represents ionization energies depicted by the height of the various elements. Within the alkaline earth metals we can see that ionization energy increases up the row with Be
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Unformatted text preview: having the highest, Mg the next highest, and so on. In fact, this trend holds true for most of the periodic table as the chart demonstrates. Generally, ionization energy increases to the right and up the periodic table. These trends are related to atomic radius. As the atomic radius of an atom decreases, the ionization energy increases. Smaller atoms will hold onto their electrons more tightly because the protons are in closer proximity to the electrons. When that distance increases, electrons are more easily removed....
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