4.18 - 8 O 16 H 32 then the empirical formula is SiO 2 H 4...

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Written Key If a substance has an empirical formula of NO 2 and a formula weight of 138 g, what is the molecular formula? (a) N 2 O 4 (b) NO (c) N 3 O 6 (d) NO 8 (e) NO 2 (f) N 3 O 3 (f) NONONONONO The empirical (or simplest) formula is the lowest integral form of the molecular formula. The molecular formula represents the actual quantity of atoms in a molecule. So, since the molecular formula of the made-up, impossible molecule lambonite is Si
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Unformatted text preview: 8 O 16 H 32 then the empirical formula is SiO 2 H 4 . Since the molecular formula is a multiple of the empirical formula, the molecular weight must be a multiple of the empirical weight. The weight of the empirical formula is 46. What multiple is 138 of 46? 138/46 = 3. That means the molecular formula must be three times the empirical formula or N 3 O 6 ....
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