9.11 - Key 11 H(delta H is a nearly equal to E(delta E when...

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Key: 11. ΔH (delta H) is … a. nearly equal to Δ E (delta E) when all reactants and products are solids and liquids. b. equal to the change in entropy c. equal to the total internal energy d. the energy needed to break a covalent bond e. equal to the standard heat of formation f. two of the above g. three of the above Let’s look at the answer choices one at a time: Answer a is correct. Enthalpy (ΔH) and internal energy (ΔE) are nearly identical in solids and liquids. It is only when products and reactants are gases that ΔE differs from ΔH because then pressure and volume work come into play as the gas changes volume. Changes of volume of
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