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10.5 (1) - oxygen The overall oxidation state is therefore...

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Key: Oxidation is losing electrons, or in other words losing negative charge. If something loses negative charge, it becomes more positive. So, if the oxidation state becomes more positive, it must have been oxidized, as is the case in this problem. If you follow the hint given in the problem, ethanol forms two H bonds, one O bond, and one C bond, giving it an overall -1 oxidation state. Acetic acid has 1 C bond, and 3 total bonds going to
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Unformatted text preview: oxygen. The overall oxidation state is therefore +3. Oxidation states refer to atoms rather than the entire molecule. The oxidation state can change, but the overall molecule is still neutral. Why is this? Because other atoms in the molecule must have been reduced the same amount that carbon was oxidized....
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