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Key: How many He atoms are found in a party balloon with volume 2 L on a warm day at the north pole (T=0ºC). Remember, the north pole is at sea level. a. 5 x 10 22 b. 5 x 10 24 c. 6 x 10 23 d. 0.90 mol e. 3 mol f. 50 mol g. 100 mol This problem involves dimensional analysis. Always start with what you are given, 2L He atoms. Remember that 1 mol of gas at STP = 22.4L. If you forget this, you can always plug in the
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Unformatted text preview: standard temperature and pressure conditions (273K, and 1atm) into the ideal gas equation(PV = nRT). Think of a scheme and then do the dimensional analysis Volume He → moles He → atoms He 2L He │1 mol He│6 X 10 23 atoms He = 5 x 10 22 atoms │22.4L He│ 1 mol He...
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