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10.13 - b is correct Below is an example of a long alkyl...

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Key: 13. If a linear hydrocarbon contains a permanent kink in its chain, which of the following must be true? a. The compound must be saturated b. The compound must contain a double bond c. The compound must be a surfactant d. The compound must contain an amine e. Two of the above We need to determine what would be true when there is a permanent kink in a straight hydrocarbon chain. Alkanes are straight hydrocarbons that are in constant motion. At any point they can develop a momentary kink because there is free rotation around the carbon-carbon bonds. In order to permanently form a kink in the chain it would be necessary to disable free rotation around that bond. This can be done with a double bond. The presence of pi bonds prohibits rotation around that bond. So
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Unformatted text preview: b is correct . Below is an example of a long alkyl chain with a kink caused by a double bond. Let’s look at the other answers and see why they are incorrect. Answer a describes a hydrocarbon that has only single bonds, this would not have a permanent kink. Answer c is wrong because in order to have a permanent kink in the carbon chain, it is not necessary to be a surfactant. While it is true that some surfactants may contain permanent kinks, not all do. A surfactant is a molecule that is hydrophobic (nonpolar) on one end and hydrophilic (polar) on the other. Answer d is wrong because an amine is simply a functional group that could replace one of the hydrogens on the hydrocarbon chain. This would not cause a kink in the chain....
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