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Key: 16. If the pressure of the air is 29.0 in-Hg, what is that pressure expressed in atmospheres? a. 1.03 atm b. 784 atm c. 1.00 atm d. 0.970 atm e. 760 atm f. 737 atm Although this is a simple conversion problem, the unit you are provided with may seem unfamiliar. You should notice that in-Hg is very similar to mm-Hg. The unit mm-Hg measures how high mercury is pushed up an airless tube by the atmosphere:
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Unformatted text preview: Pressure was therefore measured in how many millimeters high the mercury was pushed. With that background information, our conversion should be rather simple: in-Hg → mm-Hg → atm. Here is the dimensional analysis: 29.0 in-Hg │2.54 cm-Hg│ 1000 mm-Hg │ 1atm = 0.970atm │1 in-Hg │ 100 cm-Hg │ 760 mm-Hg...
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