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10.17 (1) - haven’t learned their nomenclature Be sure...

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Key: 17. Pick the polar species that contains a pi bond. a. C 3 H 5 OH b. ethene (C 2 H 4 ) c. benzene d. C 2 H 2 e. methane f. none of these It is much easier to recognize a molecules characteristics by drawing it out. Here are some drawings of the molecules mentioned: a. b. c. d. e. We are looking for something that is polar and has a pi bond. Something is polar if the electron density is concentrated in one area of the molecule. Something has a pi bond if it contains a double bond or triple bond. Now, of course, you can’t do the problem if you can’t come up with the structure of the compound when given only its name. Many students lose points on exams because they
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Unformatted text preview: haven’t learned their nomenclature. Be sure you can come up with the formula and structure of a compound when you are given only its name! Lets look at them one at a time: Answer a is polar because of the electronegative oxygen on one side of it. It also contains a pi bond, and therefore must be the right choice. You should have known to draw in a double bond because you could only draw in 5 hydrogens surrounding the carbons. Answer b is contains a pi bond, but is nonpolar Answer c contains pi bonds but is nonpolar Answer d contains pi bonds but is nonpolar Answer e does not contain any pi bonds, and is nonpolar....
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