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11.10 - just plug in the variables into the ideal gas law P...

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Key: 10. What is the pressure inside an 11 L balloon which contains 2 moles of nitrogen gas at standard temperature? a. 1atm b. 2atm c. 3atm d. 4atm e. 5atm f. 6atm g. 7atm Consider the ideal gas law when rearranged as follows: P = (nRT)/V. 1 mole of ideal gas at standard T occupies 22.4 L if its pressure is 1 atm. If the volume is half, as in this problem, and the number of moles is doubled, we are left with the same pressure we started with. To be sure,
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Unformatted text preview: just plug in the variables into the ideal gas law: P = (nRT)/V = [(2mol)(0.82)(273)]/11L = 4atm. Don’t forget that standard temperature = 273K (or 0 C) and standard pressure = 1atm. When standard temperature and pressure are both observed, then this condition is abbreviated STP....
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