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16. Which of the following characteristics describes an amorphous solid? a. Amorphous solids melt over a range of temperatures b. Amorphous solids are crystals c. There is a regular consistent structure that is the same for all samples of that solid. d. Amorphous solids are solids used to speed up the rate of a reaction e. It is one of the preferred weapons used by Superman f. two of the above Unhelpful hint: Superman does not routinely use amorphous solids as a weapon. To answer this question you need to understand the characteristics of amorphous structures (and superman). Amorphous structures are solids without any ordered structure. That being the case,
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Unformatted text preview: we can eliminate answers b and c . Answer d refers to a catalyst, and catalysts do not need to be amorphous. Answer e is ridiculous because everyone knows Superman does not need to use weapons. The process of elimination alone tells us that answer a is the correct choice. But you probably already knew that since amorphous solids can vary so much in the way the molecules are arranged within a given sample, they do not have a clear-cut single melting point....
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