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03 Needs and Ecosystems

03 Needs and Ecosystems - Needs and Ecosystems The...

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1 Needs and Ecosystems The Biosphere The biosphere is the collection of ecosystems found on the earth, including aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The Biosphere Environment - that which surrounds. Ecology - the relationship of organisms to their environment Ecosystem - the living organisms and the surrounding environment with which they interact. Community - all the living organisms in an ecosystem. Population - a group of one species. Terminology Biotic - living things Abiotic - non living things Detritus - Dead plant and animal materials Organic - Carbon based materials that make up or are produced by living organisms. Inorganic - Materials apart from living organisms Autotrophy - self feeding - produce organic from inorganic (plants) Heterotrophy - feeding on other sources of organic matter (animals, fungi) Decomposition - conversion of organic materials to inorganic. Inorganic and Organic Inorganic Oxygen Carbon dioxide Nitrogen Water pH Organic All living things Products of living things Energy and Carbon Movement through ecosystems
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