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04 Microbial Ecology

04 Microbial Ecology - Microbial Ecology Terminology Matter...

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1 Microbial Ecology Terminology Matter - Anything that occupies space and has mass Element - Substance made of only one kind of atom Molecule - Two or more atoms bonded together O 2 CO 2 N 2 Compound - Two or more different kinds of atoms bonded CO 2 H 2 O Mixture - Different atoms or molecules but not bonded Air -- N 2 O 2 CO 2 Ar Solution - A mixture of molecules or ions in a medium. Salt in water, dissolved O 2 and CO 2 in water Ecosystem Energy Energy - The ability to move matter Potential Energy - Energy in storage. Water behind a dam, rocks at the top of a cliff. Chemical energy Kinetic Energy - Energy of motion. Impact of rainfall or other objects in motion. Laws of Thermodynamics First law of thermodynamics - Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but may be converted from one form to another. There is no free lunch! Second law of thermodynamics - In any energy conversion, you end up with less usable energy than you started with. You can’t break even! Entropy - The degree of disorder: Increasing entropy means increasing disorder. Rooms don’t clean themselves up.
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