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Bio 150 Problem Sets on PPM and Percentages 1. You scoop up 200 mL of Hobblecreek water and count 28 scuds (freshwater shrimp). You find that the average weight of each scud is 20 mg. Calculate the % of scuds and the ppm of the scuds to the water. 2. You are eating an 8 oz. (227 g) steak at Texas Reds in Park City and find 20 round worms in it. You ask the waiter to bring you an analytical balance and you find that each round worm weighs 50mg. Calculate the % of round worms on (in) the steak and also the mg/kg. (hint: 1 lb = 454g) 3. Your 500 mL bottle of soda says it contains 5 mg of calcium. What is the % and ppm of calcium in the drink? 4. You are standing in the BYU football stadium after the Utah game and to your horror, you notice that there are 400 12 oz. (1 g) soft drink cups in a space of
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Unformatted text preview: 40’x50’. Calculate the number of paper cups per square foot. 5. A two pound walleye caught in Utah Lake was found to contain 10 micrograms of mercury. What is the ppm of mercury in the fish? 6. Your little brother has a sore throat. Your mother tells you to make him gargle with a 2% NaCl (salt) solution. She wants you to put the salt in 20 ml of water. How much salt will you put in the glass of water? What is the ppm? 7. You swallow a 1000mg vitamin C tablet. If you weigh 150 lbs (68100 kg), what is the mg/kg of the vitamin to body weight? 8. You are bottling tomatoes with your mom and she tells you to put 30 mg of NaCl in each quart jar. Calculate the ppm level and % salt in each jar. (Assume each jar holds 1000 ml)...
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