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Unformatted text preview: Judging Gymnastics—a Very Concise Overview- By Don Norton Junior Olympics (boys ages 6-18) JO gymnastics consists of 7 competitive levels (4 thru 10), determined by age. Routines for levels 4-7 are the same (“compulsory”) on each apparatus for each competitor. Levels 8-10 feature optional elements (moves/stunts). In this class, you have been doing the level 4 routines (with maybe a little bit of level 5), designed for boys age 6-7. Each routine in levels 4-7 contains 7 to 10 required moves. Each routine (except vault) has a potential high score of 16 points: 15 + .6 bonus (.3 for each of two specified more challenging moves*), .3 for “virtuosity (exceptional form), and .1 for “sticking” the dismount (not taking any steps or falling). Form breaks (leg separation, failure to point toes, bent arms or legs, improper body angle, steps on landing, low swings, unnecessary touching of the apparatus, etc., etc.) are deductions of .1 (small), .3 (medium), or .5 (large). A fall on or from the apparatus is a penalty of 1.0. A stop of ....
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