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09/2010 EXSC 136—BEGINNING GYMNASTICS Instructor: Spencer Budd E-mail: [email protected] Ph#: 801-607-5552 PLEASE REFER TO THE WELCOME PAGE FOR GENERAL INFORMATION: Introduction This course is a basic introduction to gymnastics. Students in this class can expect to receive instruction on the following gymnastics equipment: (for men and women) floor, vault, trampoline; (for men) rings, parallel bars, horizontal bar, and mushroom; (for women) uneven parallel bars and beam. Since this is a beginning class and the level of each student will vary considerably, we will focus on the basic fundamental skills and the proper execution of those skills. As this is a large class, your personal progress is directly related to individual efforts in the gym. Objectives In line with the mission of the department of Exercise Sciences, Students will 1) Increase their understanding of the divine and eternal nature of the human body and how proper exercise and diet can enhance the body’s ability to function at its maximum capacity; 2) develop motor skills sufficient to enjoy participation in physical activity throughout their lifespan; 3) develop and gain motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lifespan. Learning Outcomes
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