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JB PWS 150 November 3, 2008 Wind power: A Possibility for the Future American’s spend billions of dollars on oil every year; and the majority of that oil is imported from other nations. Our planet is warming at an unprecedented rate, and this leads to concerns about the human impact on global warming and climate change. A comprehensive strategy needs to be employed in order to combat the problems of global climate change and end America’s addiction to foreign oil. This strategy should include the development of a diversity of energy sources which might include biofuels, wind, solar, hydropower, nuclear, and geothermal power. According to Hill et. al., “an alternative fuel should not only have superior environmental benefits over the fossil fuel it displaces, be economically competitive with it, and be producible in sufficient quantities to make a meaningful impact on energy demands, but it should also provide a net energy gain over the energy sources used to produce it” (11206). Wind power can meet these requirements and should be part of the solution to bring about energy independence. What exactly is wind power? According to the US Department of Energy, wind power is actually a form of solar power. Due to the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun, wind flow is created. Wind turbines harness the huge amount of kinetic energy from these wind flows and convert that energy into mechanical power
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Example Essay1 (1).doc.edu - JB PWS 150 November 3, 2008...

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