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Department Policies - Welcome to The Department of Exercise...

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Welcome to The Department of Exercise Sciences! The University General Education Wellness requirement, administered in the Department of Exercise Sciences, offers a comprehensive list of enjoyable, health-promoting classes including a wide variety of team, individual, and recreational sports. Students take our classes because they get the chance to start an exercise program, learn a new sport or improve their skills, boost self-esteem, get in shape, and have fun! As you get involved, you will quickly see why participating in the Wellness Program is such a great idea! Program Goals: The Wellness Program will help you: • Respect and reverence the human body as a literal "temple of God" and know that "the human body is sacred, the veritable tabernacle of the divine spirit." • Practice correct health and fitness principles, improve your exercise and lifestyle habits, lower your risk of disease and injury, and enhance your quality of life. • Know and understand the implications and benefits of regular physical activity and exercise. • Value and respect the role that exercise and physical activity play in a healthy and happy lifestyle. • Sort out health and fitness information so you can avoid unsafe or ineffective products and ideas. • Participate in sports and recreational activities that you can enjoy now and throughout your life. Program Policies listed below you need to know and follow.
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Department Policies - Welcome to The Department of Exercise...

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