warmup-cooldown - 9(Beam Fwd shoulder stretch 10 Dips 11...

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WARM UP Neck Wrists and toes Arm circles Arm front to back Side to side Squat to pike Upward/ downward dog Roll to back to pike Toe walk Heel walk But kick walks Walking Quad stretch High knee grab Grapevine Straight leg kick walks Scale walks Side shuffle COOL DOWN 1. (Rings) Skin the Cat 2. Under grip chin up 3. Bkwd shoulder stretch 4. Over grip chin up 5. Pull over 6. Bridge stretch 7. Rope climb 8. (Beam) Elbow Lever
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Unformatted text preview: 9. (Beam) Fwd shoulder stretch 10. Dips 11. Leg lifts 12. (Vault runway) Caterpillar walks 13. (Vault) Leg lifts behind 14. Pit jumps 15. Left Split 16. Right Split 17. Seat scoot 18. Wall handstand 19. Pike stretch 20. Squat jump to mat 21. Pancake stretch 22. Hollow body roll 23. Frog hold 24. Hollow body lower 25. L sit (low p bars)...
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