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Final Exam Test Review Rel- A 121 – Fall Semester, 2010 Instructions : This review sheet is designed to help you know where to focus your study in preparation for the Final Exam. 1. Jacob's teachings concerning riches, plural marriage, etc. The allegory of Zenos (know basic symbolism). What does it mean to look “beyond the mark?” Why was the French word, “Adieu” used by Jacob? 2. Enos: Know his ancestry, his story and the doctrines he taught. 4. Review the three main groups and their leaders, the time they came from the old world to the new and their leaders. Nephites, Mulekites, and Jaredites. 5. Know the contents of the large plates, small plates, and the abridgements of Mormon and Moroni. 6. Know the content of King Benjamin's address (remission of sin, duty to the poor, mighty change, etc.). 7. The "mighty change" spoken of in Mosiah 5 and Alma 5. Review the principles taught.
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